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The design of a garment consists of several phases, all carried out with extreme thoroughness and accuracy. The first step is costumers’s request, followed by an elaboration phase. Through the meticulous teamwork of our highly skilled pattern makers, assisted by a group of specialists, we try to correctly interpret the development of a style and technically make a garment starting from a simple sketch, thereby optimizing production. We follow our clients in each step of garment construction: the study of the sketch, the preparation of the prototype, the implementation of the sample, mass production, sewing and delivery of finished product. The ability to study, research, propose materials and special sewing techniques and innovative cleaning for different garments is another critical element. The design process, on the whole, is complex because it offers answers and solutions to every customer with respect to each specific creative and productive need. Customer satisfaction is the engine behind our motivation and performance.


Manifatture L.G. is heavily involved in the research of only the best materials for the production of each garment, with the constant aim to provide a high quality product with a proactive and positive approach to each customer’s needs. Our Company also offers additional assistance to individual requests, researching and proposing alternative materials and high quality yarns accompanied by the use of complex processing tecniques. The aim of our company is to constantly update our competences thanks to the introduction of advanced machinery that allow us to do extraordinary workmanships (as for example the production of knitwear uppers).


Manifatture L.G. was conceived only for knitwear products. During the years, thanks to a costant update, the company has refined different tecniques and abilities that has allowed us to do a lot of knitwear products. In fact, our company i also specialized in finishes production (ruffles, wrists, necks, bands exc.), fashion accessories (scarfs, hats exc.) and lately has specialized itself in the production of knitwear uppers offering itself as one of the firsts knitwear able to guarantee such a product in the entire territory. As a result of careful planning and constant monitoring of production progress, Manifatture L.G. guarantees and meets delivery schedules while ensuring excellent quality of the final product and service.

Technologies, materials and design:
keeping up with the times from design to production


Barletta, southern textile pole since the 50s, today is undergoing the generation replacement of the pioneers of this sector. Just think that as early as 1944-1945 was being born in Barletta the first knitwear of the entire region at the hands of Antonio Riccheo, since then the textile industry has been the driving engine of the city economy. Knitwear realized in Barletta is ofhigh-middle quality, respects fashion and market trends and has gota s a steady point the quality/price ratio.

Who we are

Our company was born in 2014 and is the result of the work and the experience maturated during decades, in fact the founding members of this company have a thirty-year experience in the manufacturing field. As early as the end of the ‘80s, our family was devoted to the production and to the packaging of knitwear products, honing his skills and obtaining the respect of his clients coming from alla parts of Italy. During the years, Manifatture L.G. has highlighted its qualities, by specializing even more in the production of apparel manufacturing, providing the highest quality services to different fashion houses from pattern to production.

Attention to detail and speed to market are two key traits which make Barbetta a valued and indispensable manufacturer in the eyes of its clients. These traits are the results of Manifatture L.G.’s commitment in carrying out all phases of work: materials research, design, sampling, production and purchasing.

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